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Last Updated: 2006.12.13

With their “snappy funk pop,” Matt Germak Band have become a vibrant part of the Boston area live music scene of late. Fans rave about their exciting live performances and catchy original pop/rock songs, reminiscent of Coldplay, Gavin DeGraw, Counting Crows, Ben Folds Five, and Billy Joel. The band’s insightful lyrics, crafty hooks, and rock, funk, and jazz influences leave you wanting to hear more.

In recent months, the band has started to expand their touring schedule, with shows at famous New York City venues such as CBGB & the Mercury Lounge. They always look forward to playing a new place, especially if it means meeting new people & getting to play for them. One idea this band identifies with is that it’s not just the music, but the relationships with their fans & bar/club owners that really fuels their motivation to write, rehearse, & perform.

Matt Germak has been writing songs for years, but it wasn’t until 2003 when he met bassist Jeff Byrnes at the Berklee College of Music in Boston that he had a clear vision of developing a serious band. Shortly thereafter, Matt asked his friend, drummer Jon Keilson, if he wanted to jam. From long hours of rehearsing, & late nights of hanging out, came the friendships & musical chemistry that prepared them for their first live performance at The Burren in Somerville, MA. This was a CD release party for The Burren Project, a compilation of talented local artists, including Jordan Carp & Hugh McGowan.

A few months ago, Jon decided to move to New York City to pursue a career in the music business (our very best to him, but it’s sad…he was part of the family…). So, on board came drummer Matt Sorensen & guitarist Joe Koubek, who filled in during the Spring of 2006 while Matt & Jeff searched for a more permanent lineup, which they found in Jonnie Wiegratz. Jonnie brings years of experience to the table, stretching & expanding Matt’s songs to their maximum potential.

Definitely keep an eye on this up-and-coming band as they continue to compel their audiences…you won’t want to pass up the opportunity!

WMFO 91.5FM (Tufts U) – request line 617-627-3800 Wednesdays 9pm-midnight
WBRS 100.1FM (Brandeis U)- request line 781-736-5277 any day 8-10am or M-Th 3-4pm
WWW.BANDRADIOLIVE.COM – requests 24/7 via website

Matt Germak

Last Updated: 2006.05

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Jeff Byrnes

Last Updated: 2006.05

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An accomplished upright and electric bassist hailing from Charlotte, NC, Jeff Byrnes began his journey in music at the tender age of 11, playing trumpet in his school band. After picking up the euphonium in his last year of middle school, Jeff discovered that the deep end is where he likes to swim. Discovering the electric bass his freshman year of high school, he picked up the instrument & taught himself, listening to the Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311 for inspiration. Playing in the high school jazz band is really where it all happened though, and Jeff got into jazz and funk through that institution.

Now, after having spent the last four years attending the Berklee College of Music as an upright bass principle, Jeff has acquired an even greater understanding of music and the bass in particular. Priding himself on being fully capable of holding down the low end & really funking it up, Jeff has furthered himself by studying with a variety of teachers, immersing himself in every music that makes him move. Stuff that really gets him going is anything with James Jamerson on it (pretty much every Motown hit ever), Paul Chambers, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Jamiroquai, and a whole host of other musics. If you want to check out his music library, it’s viewable online at www.jeffbyrnes.net/iTunesCatalog, but be prepared to wait a minute, it’s a big collection!

Jeff plays a 2003 Chris Stambaugh Designs custom 4-string bass and a 1997 Warwick Fortress One, both strung with DR Strings Lo-Riders. He uses Ampeg amplification and either a 4×10 Ampeg speaker cabinet or a 2×10 SWR cabinet.

Jeff’s latest iTunes selections, courtesy of Last.fm

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Jonnie “Boomboom” Wiegratz

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Experienced in many different styles and situations, Jonnie feels at home in the studio and playing live situations. His powerful, soulful pocket funk-pop-rock drumming has won him acclaim with numerous artists and producers. As of June of 2006, his playing can be heard on nearly a dozen albums, including Wisconsin R&B artist Cincere and his 2004 WAMI Award winning Song of the Year “Daddy.” Other nationally released works include Warren Wiegratz’s version of the “Star Spangled Banner,” released by Hal Leonard Publishing.

Jonnie plays on GMS Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Evans Drum Heads. For more information please check out his website www.JonnieBoomboom.com