Website outage

Apologies to anyone who tried to come by the website in the last few days, had some trouble with our domain name, but it’s all sorted out now. Sweetwater gig coming up soon!

Technical difficulties

Please bear with me while I sort out some things; for the moment, only this page works. The rest of the links appear to be mucked up. I’ll fix it, I swear!

[EDIT] All fixed, I think. Please let me know if anything seems broken!

Some updates

So I’m sure you’ve noticed that the website is looking a bit different. Just some sprucing up on my part, making life easier for us. IE users, I know that the right sidebar isn’t displaying properly, I’m working on that. Cheers!

Harpers Ferry!

We’re gonna be headlining Harpers Ferry next Wednesday folks! Please come out & support us if you can!

Website redesign

So, I went a little crazy, and decided to redesign the MGB website. Hope y’ll like it, and if not, email me at jeff(at)mattgermak(dot)com and let me know.

Back on track

Well, I should have made a post sooner, but Matt’s hand has recovered, and we’ve begun playing shows again! We were in NYC and NJ the first weekend of December playing two shows, both were awesome, thanks to everyone who came out to those. We’ll be at the Revolution Rock Bar this Friday night, details are below; hope to see plenty of y’all out there!


Matt injured his hand playing soccer this past Saturday, and is out of commission for the time being. We’ve had to cancel Copperfield’s this Friday, and we’ll keep everyone posted on how long he’ll need to heal up.

In the studio

Hey everyone, we’ll be entering the studio today to cut the first four songs of a new album, due out by the end of the year (tentatively.) We’ll keep you posted as we finish things up with them, and maybe post some finished mixes!

92.9 WBOS

We will be featured on 92.9 WBOS as the local music spotlight on Sunday, June 25 at 10pm. They’ll play a couple of our songs…so be sure to listen and call in – they’ll be giving away a couple pairs of tickets for the Harpers Ferry show on June 28! Compilation

“Five O’Clock Shadow” and “Coming Home” have been selected for the 2006 Best of Compilation CD.  The CD will be distributed to over 150 College radio stations, 1500+ A&R reps, and at most music conferences.  It’s scheduled to be released on August 1, 2006.